Bagshot Square Consultation

The Square, Bagshot
Proposed village centre enhancement

In 2017 Surrey County Council consulted the public about a number of options for improving the centre of Bagshot village.

Proposals to improve the area where the memorial is situated in the centre of the village proved to be the most popular option.

Different ways of creating an attractive shared community space giving more of a focal point to the village centre have therefore been considered. These all involve closing the small area of road.

Working together with the Parish Council a preferred option has now been identified. This is detailed in this consultation along with the other options considered.

The consultation closes on 13th Jan 2019.   You can find more information and complete the survey at the Surrey County Council SurreySays website.


Petition to synchronise Traffic Lights on A30

I’ve started a petition on Surrey County Council’s website ( to get the Highways Agency, or whoever is responsible for them, to better synchronise them in an attempt to get better traffic flow on the A30 through Bagshot at peak travel times. This will become even more relevant when Waitrose is completed as there will be a considerably greater amount of traffic turning on to the A30 from Waterers Way. If you’ve already signed the petition I apologise for bothering you and if you could share it with anyone else you know who regularly uses the A30 I would be grateful. I think we need in the region of 300 signatures to have the petition looked at by Surrey CC. Thanks Barry Woolven

Give your views on Bagshot Village Conservation Area

Surrey Heath Borough Council will be consulting on a Draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals Document between 19 January and 1 March, which has been prepared for the Bagshot Village Conservation Area.

The council is asking for feedback from members of the public on the consultation and particularly from those who live, work or carry out business in Bagshot.

The Bagshot Village Conservation Appraisal and Management Proposals Document aims to:

Celebrate the vitality and unique identity of historic Bagshot by recording the history, buildings and public spaces that combine to make the conservation area a unique and special place.
Raise awareness of challenges facing the conservation area that could affect its special quality.
The document also outlines management proposals aimed at encouraging positive change within the conservation area and sets out proposals for a small change to the conservation area boundary.
Designated by local authorities, conservation areas are places of special architectural or historic interest that are desirable to preserve and enhance. The designation of these areas reflects the value attached to cherished places by local communities.

The preparation of the Bagshot Village Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals Document also marks the start of a programme to update all of the council’s Character Area Appraisals.

You will be able to view the document online at from 19 January, at Bagshot Library and Windlesham Parish offices. It will also be available to view at the Surrey Heath Borough Council offices during normal opening hours. Comments can be submitted to Surrey Heath Borough Council by email or through the post.

From Surrey Heath Borough Council website

Bagshot Village Plan Published

2014 BVP front cover
The results of the Bagshot Village Plan have been published and are available to download.

Bagshot Neighbourhood Plan

SHBW-Bagshot-Windlesham-1373_620x240pxWindlesham Parish Council (covering the 3 villages of Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham) has already started the process of establishing a Neighbourhood Plan for the village of Windlesham.

The Councillors would now like to establish whether the residents of Bagshot would like to extend the plan to cover the village of Bagshot.

So, what is a Neighbourhood Plan and how could it benefit Bagshot village?

Neighbourhood Planning would give the people of Bagshot the power to put in place a vision and policies for their village. It would be a community led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of Bagshot village. It might contain a vision, aims, planning policies, proposals for improving the village or providing new facilities or an allocation of key sites for specific kinds of development. It might deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues (such as housing, employment, heritage and transport) or it might focus on just one or two key issues. But, most importantly it would be community led by the village for the village.

Who would manage the process?

Residents would need to sign up to form a Steering Group. The Steering Group would manage the process and would be supported by task groups who would lead on key issues as the plan gathered pace.

How would the Parish Council be involved?

The Steering Group would include local councillors and it would report to the Parish Council – which in turn would help support the group and help facilitate access to funding and professional advice.

What is the next step?

The Council will be meeting on the 30th September to decide whether there is enough support in the village to extend the scheme to Bagshot. The issue will also be discussed at the Bagshot Society AGM on the 23rd September at Brook Church from 7pm to 9:30pm where a vote on the proposal will also be taken.

How do I get involved?

If there is enough support to give the proposal the go-ahead then we would love as many people as possible to be involved – young and old. If you think that a Neighbourhood Plan would benefit your village and you want to help in whatever way you like – join the Steering Group, help out on a task group, deliver leaflets, or lend your expertise on a particular issue – then please get in touch. If there is enough support within the village to go ahead then the Neighbourhood Plan will not be a small project but it will be led by the community for the community, and the more people that are involved the better the plan will be.

So if you want to help design the future of Bagshot village then please email: Cllr Valerie White –