Petition to synchronise Traffic Lights on A30

I’ve started a petition on Surrey County Council’s website ( to get the Highways Agency, or whoever is responsible for them, to better synchronise them in an attempt to get better traffic flow on the A30 through Bagshot at peak travel times. This will become even more relevant when Waitrose is completed as there will be a considerably greater amount of traffic turning on to the A30 from Waterers Way. If you’ve already signed the petition I apologise for bothering you and if you could share it with anyone else you know who regularly uses the A30 I would be grateful. I think we need in the region of 300 signatures to have the petition looked at by Surrey CC. Thanks Barry Woolven


  1. Barry
    This should be a Surrey County Council responsibility. You will have the opportunity to present the petition to the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee which is a joint meeting of Surrey County Council and Surrey Heath Borough councillors The next meeting is on 2 July

  2. Peter Vidgeon says:

    Barry, I made a petition presentation on the 12th. March, to have a yellow traffic box put down on the A30 across the Bridge Road and Station Road junction to avoid the temper-inducing situation which regularly arises during the evening rush hour. Check out the closed petition list. I had a total of 493 signatures, part on-line and part hand collected from all the local businesses. At the meeting, two Councillors had first hand experience of the debacle at these times and the Chair David Ivison agreed to put the petition forward to receive a reply on 2nd. July. The person who gets these traffic petitions thrown at him is Andrew Milne, Highways Area Manager (NW) and he agreed the whole situation needed looking at, including linking the lights you refer to. So, a study could be made, but probably won’t be effected until Waitrose opens.
    I suspect this will be used to delay a response for both of us even further, but we shall see. Hope to meet you on the 2nd. July and present a united front. I shall send the link to your petition to my Neighbourhood Watch members.

    • Barry Woolven says:

      Peter. I understand from a friend of mine, Colin Manley (who is also a Windlesham Parish Councillor), that you presented your case very well at the last Surrey Heath Local Area Committee meeting and he suggested I made contact with you to get a copy of your script or to understand the best way to lay out my presentation. I’m presenting my petition about the traffic light syncing on the A30 at the next meeting on 2nd July so if you could get in touch before then I’d be grateful. My email address is and the best number to get me on is 07741 266978. Thanks

  3. Hi Everyone,
    It is a shame they do not have any air quality readings taken from before these lights were installed, because with the congestion that is now occurring and all the start stops involved in getting through this short stretch of road, I am sure the local air quality will have significantly dropped off and pollution rocketed. I am still baffled by the set up of these lights, as frequently they stop you and there is no traffic emerging from the side roads.
    As a cyclist I think it would be great of they could create a safer, more practical management system for cyclists.

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