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  1. Pepa Terol (oficial name Josefa but noone knew) says:

    Hi Bagshot, triying to find out about the exact location of Legendary A30road Pantiles NightClub where I worked in the 80’s…found a link with question pad where I mailed you but wonder if still active.. Could you help?
    Thanks so much, from a spaniard ex-pat in CH and former Bagshot neighbour in the 80’s. Anyone remembers me? Please contact…damaged memory lane…I was a spanish Aupair, Valencia born, good looking Señorita, studying at Camberley College, also worked at sister Chertsey Lock Night Club, and sew-up fancydresses for Aunty Bett’s fancydress rental shop in Camberley…actually writing memories. God bless you all.

  2. Jo Matthews says:

    Pantiles was at 16 London Rd in Bagshot, which is now the site of the Sunrise care home along the A30.

  3. Still life there a bit slower, pantiles knocked Down now is retirement properties, still some old birds there good luck !

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