Bagshot Care

Bagshot Care also has its own website which you can find at

Do you need a helping hand?  Run by local volunteers Bagshot Care is here for you, be it:

  • Time off for carers
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Visit for a chat, to read or write letters
  • Help with official forms
  • Accompany to shops or hospital visits
  • Carry out simple D.I.Y. house and garden maintenance.
  • Provide transport
  • … anything really …

No formal charge is made but we do ask for donations to cover our running costs.

If you need a hand, just call 07973 560 216
between 10 am and 12 noon Monday to Friday.

(At all other times a message may be left and we will get back to you.)
Please give at least 24 hours notice for assistance.

About Bagshot Care

Bagshot Care is a totally voluntary local charity dedicated to helping Bagshot residents.  It was started with the encouragement of local health care professionals it matches people who have a need with volunteers who can help them – whether on a once-off or recurring basis.

Volunteers can say when they are, or might be, available and what type of task they would be willing to do (shopping, driving, visiting, DIY, etc). With approximately 50 volunteers at any one time it is their proud boast that, on average, they have provided help to a Bagshot resident every day since they started.


If you could spare an hour a month helping others, please ring the Bagshot Care given above.

Administration is very simple, some of the volunteers take it in turns to be coordinator. The above phone number is a mobile which, quite literally, gets passed on to whoever is coordinator for the day, together with the list of available volunteers.  The coordinators are always pleased to hear from anyone who can volunteer to help, or who needs help.

Volunteers are able to claim agreed expenses from the charity and the beneficiaries are invited to make a donation to the charity’s funds.

Bagshot Care is a Registered Charity.

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