Bagshot Events

2010_bagshot_village_day_composite_webBagshot Events is the collective term for the people in Bagshot who get together and organise events for Bagshot.

Bagshot Events organises events such as the:

  • May Day Village day,
  • Christmas Carol Service,
  • various children’s hunts around the village and
  • special events such as the Royal Wedding Street Party
  • quiz evenings – with raffle proceeds going to different local charities

Why not join in and help make Bagshot a fun place to live and to visit, with a real community feel. lists the events that are happening in our village and you can sign up to the email list via the homepage.  If you would like to help or know more please email


  1. Janice Williams says:

    Would like to offer my fashion accessory business (Ab Fab Accessories) to the Bagshot Fete day. I’m an independent trader & specialise in handbags, scarves, pasminas, purses, wallets & costume jewellery. Would you kindly forward me the details & forms for completion.

    Kind regards
    Janice Williams

    • tinacarney says:

      Hi Janice,
      You need to contact Linda at The Three Mariner’s pub to book a stall for 25th June, which is the day of the Bagshot Village Summer Fayre. I haven’t got the details here but if you look on the Bagshot Business Association Facebook page, I think there is a number there to contact. Kind regards Tina

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