Bagshot Society

bagshot_society_webThe purposes of the Bagshot Society are:
  • Coordination between activities or groups in Bagshot
  • Stimulate interest and involvement in village affairs, being a focus for debate and campaigns on things affecting the village
  • Liaison with local government and agencies
  • Maintain the heritage of the village
  • Planning issues

You can download the full constitution of the Society here.

Working for the future of the village should involve as many people as possible. Your commitment can be as little or as much as you have time for. For some this can involve hours a week for many an hour or two a week or less, but it all helps.

One way of becoming involved is to join the Bagshot Society. As a member you will meet the people involved working for the future of the village, be kept informed of what is happening, be able have your say and, if you wish, find out how you can become involved. We want as many people in the village to become involved in its future and would like you to join us.

Download the membership form.


Paul Hutchinson – Chairman
TBC – Vice Chairman
Nick Dorrington – Secretary
TBC – Treasurer
Gil Haynes – Police Liaison
Richard Roots – Membership, Planning
Andy Wilgoss
Cllr Valerie White    WPC Liaison



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