If you’re unsure about the way this site works, or how to go about doing something on bagshotvillage.com, then this is your first port of call. Hopefully, there’s an answer to be found here.

If not, please feel free to drop us an email (info@bagshotvillage.com ) and we’ll reply to you directly.

bagshotvillage.com Advertising Rates

If you’re in Bagshot – it’s free!

“Banner ads” to promote local community groups should be 180×180 pixels at 72 dpi. Please email your image along with a destination URL for “click-throughs”.

I think the site is great! Can I help?


If you’re interested in getting involved in any way with bagshotvillage.com, please drop me an email to info@bagshotvillage.com and we’ll be in touch!

Ways you could help:

  • Taking photographs
  • Writing articles
  • Writing interviews of people
  • Writing your own blog
  • Adding village events to the Calendar (see below)
  • Dropping us an email about things going on in the village (news, not gossip, please!)

Even if it’s not listed above, and you’d like to get involved, just email me. We’ll be glad of the help!

How do I put something on the Calendar?

Email Tina at events@bagshotvillage.com and it’ll be put on the diary asap.

I disagree with something in your site!

Please write to us at info@bagshotvillage.com.  If we’ve published something incorrectly or inaccurately, we’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible. If you’d like to publish a response to any article, feel free to email your comment to the email above and we’ll publish them.

I don’t want my photo on the site

Photos in the galleries and for articles come from all sorts of people in the village and we have to rely on the people taking the photos to get permission.  If somehow that hasn’t happened and you’d like a photo of you taken off the site, please just email and we’ll do our best to remove it asap.

How do I get news or information onto the site?

This is easy. Just email info@bagshotvillage.com with your information and we’ll find a suitable place to put it.

If it’s village news, we’ll post it there. If it’s information about a community group, we’ll put it there. If you’re group isn’t currently represented by the website, we’ll create an area for you and have the main menu point to your area. If you’re a local business, we’ll post your information in the “Local Business” section. If you want to write articles about the village (eg. natural history) then we’ll make you your own section.

There is absolutely NO CHARGE for posting news or information. The site exists to provide a service to the village. Please try to provide a photo, graphic or logo with your article. Articles look boring without a graphic to accompany them!

Bagshot Events Email List

events@bagshotvillage.com is the community email list for information about what’s going on in Bagshot. We use “Google Groups” to run this and you can find the most recent messages on bagshotvillage.com under the “Calendar” menu. If you’d like to subscribe either enter your email address in the “subscribe” box on the home page or emailbagshoteventsPLUSSIGNsubscribe@googlegroups.com (note: please replace PLUSSIGN with +).

Once you’re set-up you can choose whether you receive each email as it is sent, a daily digest of emails, a daily summary of emails or no emails. To change your settings log in to groups.google.com and then go to “manage memberships”.

Techie Stuff

A number of the pages offer an RSS feed near the bottom of the page for those who like to use feed readers or want to publish a feed from bagshotvillage.com on their own site. If there’s a page you are interested in that doesn’t offer a feed let me know and I can add it.

The diary is held on Google calendar and you can view it there.  If you use Google calendar already, then you can just add the diary and you’ll see all the village events, or you can read it directly into Outlook and other email/calendar software.

For general chat and social connection there’s no beating Facebook and there’s a Facebook page for Bagshot which you can link to from this site. Please remember to follow normal Internet safety precautions.

Who are you, and why this website?

Various people contribute to this website in different ways.  The website was created and is run by Stefan Nahajski – a Bagshot villager of many years – as a place for the village to connect and communicate on-line and to promote the village.

Lots of people have encouraged and helped with the building of the site – thank you to them.

We don’t make any money from the website…there’s no income at all as such.  The grants we managed to get to cover some of the external costs have been held in trust the Bagshot Society

Its fundamental purpose is to serve the village by providing relevant and interesting information, news and helping people connect as a community. It promotes no political bias, and tries to post more good news than bad.

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