Give your views on Bagshot Village Conservation Area

Surrey Heath Borough Council will be consulting on a Draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals Document between 19 January and 1 March, which has been prepared for the Bagshot Village Conservation Area.

The council is asking for feedback from members of the public on the consultation and particularly from those who live, work or carry out business in Bagshot.

The Bagshot Village Conservation Appraisal and Management Proposals Document aims to:

Celebrate the vitality and unique identity of historic Bagshot by recording the history, buildings and public spaces that combine to make the conservation area a unique and special place.
Raise awareness of challenges facing the conservation area that could affect its special quality.
The document also outlines management proposals aimed at encouraging positive change within the conservation area and sets out proposals for a small change to the conservation area boundary.
Designated by local authorities, conservation areas are places of special architectural or historic interest that are desirable to preserve and enhance. The designation of these areas reflects the value attached to cherished places by local communities.

The preparation of the Bagshot Village Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals Document also marks the start of a programme to update all of the council’s Character Area Appraisals.

You will be able to view the document online at from 19 January, at Bagshot Library and Windlesham Parish offices. It will also be available to view at the Surrey Heath Borough Council offices during normal opening hours. Comments can be submitted to Surrey Heath Borough Council by email or through the post.

From Surrey Heath Borough Council website