Good News for Bagshot Library Users

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On Sunday 7th December we will have been a community partnered library for a year, completely run by Volunteers. On Saturday 6th December come and join us for a celebratory coffee morning.

From 1st January. 2015 Bagshot Village Community Library will open on Wednesdays 2.00 pm – 5.00pm
If you know anyone who would like to volunteer please contact Valerie White at

Recording of the Airport Trials Public Meeting

Thank you to Paul Deach for recording this and making it available so promptly.

The meeting was very well attended – the BPFA pavilion has never been so full  – so many thanks to all the folk who came out on a Friday evening.

Special thanks to Michael Gove MP for Chairing the meeting and to Cllr Valerie White for organising the event along with other concerned villagers. Kathy and Tina did sterling jobs as chair and tea monitors!