Bagshot Library reopening

From Monday 28 September Bagshot Library will be open for 3 sessions a week. For details please see

Windlesham Parish Hub – Questionnaire

Windlesham Parish Council is now progressing plans to construct a community hub in Lightwater, to service the whole parish. This has been one of the Council’s approved projects since 2013 and circumstances are now favourable for taking this forward.

The proposed location for this hub is on the Lightwater recreation ground behind All Saints Church.  It will replace the old pavilion and storage buildings which are now derelict and require demolition, include the refurbishment of the children’s play area, which is in need of attention, and also enhance the security to prevent vandalism and unauthorised access to the recreation field.

Before proceeding with the proposed hub, WPC would like to hear your views and would appreciate you completing following questionnaire:

Bagshot Society AGM

Our AGM was held on-line on Wed 16 Sept.

Coronavirus Emergency – Bagshot Care

During the period of lockdown, as the UK and wider world struggled to control the spread of the highly infectious Coronavirus, voluntary community agencies and local churches, with the support of Surrey Heath Borough Council, set up Surrey Heath Prepared (SHP), to offer assistance and support to residents who were self-isolating.  Many local residents stepped forward to volunteer in this endeavour.

Now that the infection rate has fallen and the period of enforced lockdown is coming to an end, support to residents within Surrey Heath is changing. The borough wide effort managed by SHP finished on 30th June 2020.  In Bagshot, we want to continue to support our community while the need still exists.  From 1st July, Bagshot Care working in partnership with local churches and a team of community volunteers, will manage any new or on-going requests for help by residents shielding or in quarantine who do not have neighbours, friends or family who can provide them with support and assistance.

If you live in Bagshot and need help because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, please call Bagshot Care any weekday between 10 am and noon on 07973 560216.   You may leave a voicemail message if you call at any other time, and it will be picked up at 10 am on the next weekday.

Scrubs for Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital needs a batch of scrubs in the specific sizes. We are working with other groups to co-ordinate making these and have been able to source the right material that will be able to go through the hospital’s high temperature laundry. We are raising money to pay for the fabric, threads and other items to make this batch of scrubs. If you would like to support this project, you can donate here:

We are also looking for some more dressmakers to help with the effort. You’ll need to be a confident dressmaker with an overlocking machine. If you are able to help please email with the subject line “Scrubs”.

Help Frimley Park Hospital staff dealing with Covid-19

We have been asked to let everybody know how people can best help our local hospital at this time. Please find below some items they would very much appreciate:

  • Soap, shampoo, moisturizer and hand cream for staff on the COVID-19 who must shower and change into PPE before starting work and repeat the process before leaving for home. Scrubs must be bagged and taken home for washing – at 60°.
  • Bags to hold scrubs, it must have a drawstring to contain the scrubs whilst being washed. It should be the approximate size of a pillow case and made of material which will stand a hot wash.
  • Tea-time treats – biscuits, small cakes, etc. to keep the spirits and blood sugar levels up.

If you can help with any of these please see for coordination details.

Tips & Ideas to Help Through the Lockdown

In this post : dealing with isolation; faith; an arts fix; and some light relief.

Dealing with isolation.

Dealing with isolation will be an issue for many people.  There is an interesting short video on the BBC News website : Submarine captain’s advice on social isolation –

Key advice from all sources is : maintain a routine, maintain your standards, make contact with people and keep doing some exercise (even it it is sitting in your chair waving your arms and legs about).  So pick up the phone and call someone.


At times of stress many people turn to their faith, even if they are not normally church-goers.  Since they cannot now have a congregation in church all the local churches are making services available on the Internet by streaming live worship (typically from the clergy’s home) and/or by offering pre-recorded services.  St Anne’s for instance use video conferencing to stream 2 services every day.  Interactive services will require down-loading an ‘app’, but this is no big deal.  They are also likely to need a password, this is not to keep the service private but to keep out those morons who think it clever to gatecrash a service and inject inappropriate content.  Contact the church in advance to get the password.

Need an Arts fix?

With theatres closed many organisations are making theatre productions available on the Internet for free, but often only for a short time with a new production released each week.   There is an excellent listing to be found at

Listings from:

The BBC’s arts editor offers his selection at

Want to see some sights outside of your home?  Then have a look at for a selection of virtual visits.

Clouds do have a silver lining

The Met Office have handwritten weather records going back 200 years which they would like to digitise so that they can be analysed better – so they launched a volunteer project.  Self-isolation has been a boon

We also have a post giving hints and tips on video calls whether to your loved ones or joining an online meeting such as the services mentioned above.

Video calls and virtual meetings

Self-isolation is resulting in extensive use of video calls and video meetings held via the Internet.  This really is a good way to keep in contact.  Grandparents are reading bedtime stories to their grandchildren like never before, and even playing snakes-and-ladders at a distance!

Doing this requires downloading a program (an app) to your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC (if the latter you will also need to add at least a microphone).  While there are quite a few programs available, the leading ones are:

  • WhatsApp which is very good for 1-to-1 conversations
  • Zoom which is excellent when several people are going to be involved as you can see them all.

Your appearance probably does not matter too much when talking to your nearest and dearest, but there are a few tips worth bearing in mind, especially in a larger meeting.

  • try to position your phone (etc) reasonably high.  Eye level would be ideal, otherwise on a table in front, possibly on a pile of books.  Looking up your nose from your lap is not your best profile.
    Having said that, you will now notice how many people being interviewed on TV from their home, and even presenters working from home, are looking down at their laptop!
  • Think about the background behind you. Avoid a bright window as you will then just be a silhouette. A plain wall is ideal, the rest of your house is likely to be distracting, especially if there are others around.
  • Lighting from a widow in front or a bit to the side is good.  Sitting under a room light casts bad shadows.
  • Close the door if there are others around as extraneous noises are distracting, especially in a meeting.  If there are unavoidable noises then consider muting your microphone except when you want to talk.
  • Check your own on-screen thumbnail to see how you look to others.

Key is to enjoy your video chat.  Don’t think these are rules, just tips.


There are several pieces from the BBC:

Keep yourself and others safe.  Keep in touch.

Coronavirus – Support in Bagshot


This communication is being sent to all residents of Bagshot and is supported by St Anne’s Church, Christ the King Catholic Church, Bagshot Methodist Church, Bagshot Care and Waitrose.

While this national emergency on the spread and infection of the coronavirus exists in the UK and wider world, voluntary community agencies, along with the various Churches, within the Camberley and Bagshot areas, are setting up a central number to offer assistance and support to residents who are self-isolating at this time.

We hope that, where possible, neighbours, friends and family are providing the support and assistance to anyone that has to self-isolate. However, we realise that for some of our community who do not have a local network, self-isolation means just that. It is for this reason that our local volunteer and church groups have organised to provide support for vulnerable members of our community.

For anyone who is requiring support while self-isolating such as shopping, picking up medication, essential transport or just someone to talk to then please contact 01276 66798.
The line is open between 9-5 every day 7 days a week.

Bagshot Village Response to COVID-19

We are pulling together a coordinated response for Bagshot Village to the emerging COVID-19/Corona Virus situation. Our particular focus is to support potentially vulnerable residents, especially older people.
If you already volunteer with Bagshot Care or a local church then they will be in contact soon. Otherwise, if you want to volunteer your time please contact Bagshot Care ( They will collect your information and direct volunteers to the appropriate roles and organisations.
We are developing our plans but roles are likely to include receiving requests for help, delivering essential supplies, essential transport, telephone chats, etc
If your organisation would like to help with the co-ordinated response in Bagshot, please contact Stefan Nahajski via Messenger or email (
We are, or will be, liaising with the Parish Council, local supermarkets, GP surgery and Borough Council.
We are communicating with neighbouring villages to share ideas and support.