What do you think of McCarthy & Stone’s latest proposals for Jack’s site?

A further presentation of information takes place on Sat 1st June from 10am – 2pm in the Church Centre behind St Anne’s Church.

Earlier in the year McCarthy & Stone held a ‘consultation’ at which they displayed their proposals for a retirement and care home development on the site of Jack’s fish & chips.  They also submitted a planning application to the council.  There were many objections to the proposals.

They have now announced this further ‘information day’ to present revised plans which they describe as a “less bulky design that more closeley reflects the character of the local area”.  You are invited to view this and to make your comments known.

Comments should be made to McCathy & Stone.  Your views may also be made known to The Bagshot Society who have a composite list of comments at bagshotvillage.org.uk/planning/181083.php. Once they submit revised plans to the council you will be able to make your views known to them.

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