Village Clean Up a great success

A very big ‘thank you’ goes to the dozens of volunteers (including several of our local councellors) who helped with the Village Clean Up.

We met in the car park on Sat 25 May 2019 at 10am and were issued with tools and hi-viz tabards (and the inevitable safety briefing, though very necessary as no one knew what might be lurking in the undergrowth) before making our way to three locations – the High Street and Wardle Close by the stream, the path from Guildford Road to the station, and the area surrounding the football pitch on Connaught Park.

Undergrowth and tree branches that were, or were likley to, impede the use of paths were cut back and huge quantities of litter collected.  This was mostly drink cans, bottles and paper, but also many other items that should have been taken to the tip, such as electrical equipment, old toys, furniture and building materials. There was even a Gateway supermarket trolly (how many readers recall just how long ago it was that our supermarket was called Gateway?).

A few of our volunteers who were on their way to the Connaught Park area.

It was amazing how much we cleared in just over 2 hours. At the end all the rubbish was left in front of the Parish Hall to be collected by Amey on behalf of the local council.

The village is a much nicer place thanks to everyone’s efforts.

The clear up was organised by Nick and Andy on behalf of The Bagshot Society with financial support from Surrey Heath Borough Council using funds allocated by central government (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) specifically for community clean-ups.

The tools, etc, remain ours for future use.  Already community-minded people are asking when the next clean-up will be and suggesting areas to be addressed.

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