Carol Singing for local charities – we need you!!

Dear all,
It is this time of year that some of us gather outside shops and ‘entertain’ shoppers with our renditions of Christmas Carols and seasonal songs to raise money for various local charities. We always welcome members of the public to join in for a few minutes or the whole session. If you see a group of ‘mad’ singers and feel the urge, then please grab a booklet and join in singing or ringing the bells ……… and/or drop a few coins (or paper) in the collection pots.
Three sessions for local charities you may be interested in are
Thursday 17th December 5.30 – 7.30pm Waitrose Bagshot to raise funds for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Friday 18th December 5.30 – 7.30 Sainsburys Watchmoor Park Bagshot based Lisa May Foundation
Thursday 24th December 12noon to 2pm Sainsburys Watchmoor Park again for Lisa May Foundation.
It is a great way to support a charity and singing is a great stress reliever!  Thank you Tina Carney 
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