Connaught School are collecting used stamps!!!!


It’s getting to that time of year that Christmas cards starts falling through the letterbox from friends & family far and wide and attached to those letters & cards could be ‘unseen money’ – well to us at Connaught School anyway!

By bringing the envelope with the stamp attached into school, we can raise some valuable funds for our children and it doesn’t cost you a thing! And more importantly, if those stamps happen to be from overseas – we can raise even more money.

You can either save the stamps up and drop them in the special ‘stamp collection’ box near the front office or if you know a family with a child at Connaught, pass them onto them.

We will then collect them all and send them off for weighing and payment.
There are some golden rules though and the stamps must be:
• Recently collected and unpicked (i.e not been pulled off the envelope)
• A gap of at least 1cm around the stamp
• The perforations of the stamp must be damage free

So, please start stamp collecting now (it’s never too late too start a new hobby) and help us raise some funds for free!

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