An Early Christmas Message from the Bagshot Fairy – Fairy Nuff!


An Early Christmas Message from Fairy Nuff!

Another year has flown by and we are already starting to think about the Christmas celebrations in Bagshot, in fact the tree is already up outside the Coop!

My task every year is to decorate the fence around the big Christmas tree in Bagshot Square. I ask everyone to help me by writing Christmas messages on a special piece of card. I then laminate these carefully, so that your message will not get wet and soggy! This takes a little bit of time and so I have to get started early! My friend Tina has taken the blank cards to the schools, pre-schools, nurseries and the Windle Valley Day Centre, but some children attend facilities outside of Bagshot and we don’t want them to miss out. So, if you would like a card to complete, please send a text message with your address to 07817450373, or an email to,  or send a private message to Bagshot Village Facebook page . Don’t forget to add your address or a contact number.

Please can I have your cards ready asap so that all your messages will be hanging on the fence ready for everyone to read. ideally by Wednesday  29th November. This is so they can be up and ready for  the Bagshot Christmas Tree Blessing and Light Up  on Saturday 2nd  December at 5pm,  after the Bagshot Christmas Street Market comes to an end.

On your card, you may want to ask for a special wish for yourself or other people or a special pressie from Father Christmas himself, maybe write down a special Christmas memory or even draw a Christmas picture or of the present you would like to see on Christmas Day. These cards are looked at by lots of people in the village, and Father Christmas takes a peek as well, when no one is looking!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year

Fairy Nuff – the Bagshot Fairy  xxxxxfairy

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