Happy New Year and ‘Thank you’ to Bagshot Volunteers


Bagshot is a fantastic place to live in and it is enhanced by the hours and hours given by various groups of volunteers, who often work unnoticed behind the scenes.

Without John and Nick, there would be no flags or Christmas Trees put in position on the buildings around the village.

Without the Bagshot Village Community Library volunteers – numerous in their number, the service would grind to a halt and we would lose our library facility.

Jo and David work very hard as our local Community Speed Watch Volunteers, and try to encourage as many drivers as possible, to slow down in our village.

Bagshot Society keep an eye on our local heritage and Bagshot Business Associate, work hard to keep the village centre shops and businesses attractive to residents, and organise High Street events to encourage visitors, and promote Bagshot as a great place to live and work.

Local schools, Windle Valley Day Centre, the local churches, local charities, Scouts, Guides, Cubs Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows, youth groups  and other organisations, all have small bands of volunteers who work tirelessly to help others to have a better quality of  life – to help, care, listen and do.

We here at Bagshot Community Events, try  hard to organise events, which brings all the groups together for ‘Special Royal Occasions’, Christmas Wishes, Owl Hunts/Halloween etc  and also communicate what is happening in the village , through Bagshot Events emails, Bagshot Village Facebook page and the Bagshot Village  webpage.

So, as 2016 comes to an end – ‘Bagshot Village’ wishes everyone a very happy 2017, but also says a very big ‘THANK YOU’ to all the Bagshot Volunteers, who make so many enjoyable things possible for the community at large.








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