New planning application for London Road – Waitrose site

A further planning application has been submitted for the empty unit next to Waitrose, this time wanting a three split.
If you remember, Notcutts was supposed to return to Bagshot when the development was completed, and even though they own the site, they decided not to fulfil that agreement.
The initial planning permission was given for two units only, a partnership of Notcutts and Waitrose, and this ‘two unit only’ development, was upheld earlier this year by a higher authority other than our local councils, when an application was submitting requesting the Notcutt unit be divided into four separate retail outlets. (The building was divided into four during the build, so in effect, this was a retrospective application). The new application is now asking for the ‘Notcutt unit’ to be divided into three – including yet another cafe. Bearing in mind, Costa Coffee will just be across the road at the old Bird in Hand, having been won on appeal, but not allowing our own councillors to have a say in the matter. None of our local councillors knew of the permission being given, until the work started last week. SHBC planners are now starting to take any decision making away from the people who represent us – if our councillors are not kept in the loop, how are they suppose to answer our questions?. Every objection to the original Costa Coffee planning application, was regarding not only deflecting trade away from our own cafe businesses in the village, but more importantly the traffic exiting and entering an already complex piece of the A30.

So, once again Bagshot, letters of rejection or support are needed. As this is a new application, previous letters are not counted, it all starts again. Interestingly, a local SHBC Councillors (not one for Bagshot) has published a letter on Facebook sites, saying contracts have already been signed between the two major retailers involved, as though it is already a fait accompli. Since Longacres have also submitted a planning application to expand, we now look to have ‘destination shopping centres’ at either end of the village.

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