Children’s Christmas Wishes and the Blessing and Lighting of the Bagshot Christmas Tree 3rd December 4.30pm onwards


Bagshot has had a very special tradition for the last few years, which involves all the children of Bagshot and other special groups in the village.

Every year, Fairy Nuff – Bagshot’s own special fairy, asks the children in the schools, pre-schools, nurseries, toddler groups, churches and beyond, to write a Christmas wish.  This wish or message can be for themselves, their family, friends or for  wider world issues. It maybe in the form of a picture, words or simply a name. These wishes and messages are written on special cards, which are then collected in and laminated by Fairy Nuff’s little (and big) helpers. These are then hung on the safety fence around the Bagshot tree, so they can be read by family and friends, passing villagers and hopefully  Father Christmas himself.They really are a delight to look at and read, the children work so hard on them and some are very thought provoking.

To make it extra special we ask Rev. Andreas Sistig to come down from St Anne’s Church to bless our wishes and our tree, before the lights are switched on.  We also sing some Christmas songs and Carols before and afterwards, to get us in the Christmas spirit. Word sheets are provided! This event starts at 4.30pm by the big tree with the lights being switched on at 5pm, and then followed by about 30 minutes of more singing – weather dependent of course!!

This part of the day is organised by Fairy Nuff’s team of helpers from Bagshot Events and follows on from the end of the Bagshot Christmas Market, (which is organised by Bagshot Business Association).  If you need a blank card to write a special wish, , please send an email to with your name and address and we will get one to you as soon as possible. The cards stay up until 12th Night, so plenty of time to get down to read them! If you need information about the Bagshot Christmas Street Market, please contact Bagshot Business Association.

Thank you and very early Seasonal Greetings

Tina Carney – Fairy Nuff’s Chief Helper and Coordinator of Wishes!


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