Bagshot residents to take action against irresponsible dog owners.


Basically we are FED UP OF THE CRAP!

Day after day, we see posts on social media complaining about dog poo on the streets and in areas where children play. The path between our two schools is now at crisis point – Badger Swift Way has been renamed ‘Dog Shit Way’ and for good reason! The playing fields and surrounding area at the BPFA are also suffering from piles of poo, left by lazy dog owners, who just let their dogs run around and then  foul wherever it takes their fancy…….. and then leave it! Who are these irresponsible and anti-social dog owners? It is time to name and shame! Maybe after a few successful prosecutions, the message may get through. Below is the Surrey Heath Borough Council information.

Dog Fouling

Failure to clean up after your dog is an offence. Anyone seen allowing their dog to foul and not cleaning up after, may be prosecuted.

If you are aware of anyone who is allowing their dog(s) to foul in a public space and is not clearing it up, please contact us.

Within the Borough the dog walker must scoop their dog’s mess up from all designated land to which the public have access. Designated land includes:

  • Footways and paths of all descriptions
  • Play areas, picnic sites and outdoor eating places
  • Sport playing pitches including 5 metre border
  • Formal parks and land where the grass is cut
  • Land outside schools and hospitals
  • Car parks, public transport bays and surrounds
  • Cycleways and surfaced areas near to houses
  • Basingstoke Canal towpath
  • Shopping areas, markets and public circulation areas
  • Cemeteries and war memorials
  • Land surrounding toilets, recycling sites and public buildings

To dispose of dog faeces:
Use the provided dog bins or place in any of our litter bins, providing the poop is bagged and tied!
Never allow your pet to foul anywhere where people walk and play.

Please note: The Order does not apply to: heathland, woodland and common land providing fouling of car parks, footways, formal area, picnic and play spaces is not allowed to occur. (An additional one-metre mess-free border applies to footpaths).

Good dog owners want to keep their dog happy and healthy so it is important to make sure your dog is wormed regularly.

Garden Accumulation
If a person allows a large quantity of dog faeces to accumulate in their garden it may cause problems through smell and flies which could have an adverse effect on their neighbours. Hopefully any problem can be dealt with informally. If however, this is not the case then the council may serve an abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requiring the owner/occupier of the premises to clear the garden of all dog faeces and maintain it in a clean condition. If a person on whom an abatement notice is served contravenes or fails to comply with the notice they shall be guilty of an offence.

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