Woodside Cottage extension for comments to SHBC

Firstly an update from June Green.

There has now been an extension and people have until February 19 to send in objections to planning application 15/0994, Woodside, Chapel Lane, Bagshot, in which Shanly Homes are applying to build 40 homes consisting of 1 x 1 bedroom, 14 x two bedroom, 9 x three bedroom, 15 x four bedroom and 1 x 5 bedroom houses with two accesses on to Chapel Lane (one serving the affordable housing element) – which means a potential 80 more vehicles, plus service vehicles (deliveries, dustcarts and the like) using very narrow Chapel Lane and surrounding roads which are already heavily used by vehicular and pedestrian traffic going to and from the school. If you think this is a really bad idea send your objection to the planning officer handling this application, Duncan Carty, at Surrey Heath Council offices but make sure you get it in by February 19. You can get the full details and documentation on, search for application 15/0994 under planning application search.

Secondly from me …….

The extension has come about as Shanly slightly changed the remit. Previous letters of objection are still counted, but there is always still space for a few more. There are also other reasons why the site is not suitable, loss of green space, the field is a natural water meadow so risk of flooding to this and possibly other areas,  Bagshot infrastructure is already struggling etc  An Action Group has been set up but they do need the support of the village.  Tina C

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