Planning Application for Woodside Cottage now lodged

Shanly Homes have now put in their application to build 40 new homes on the site of Woodside Cottage Chapel Lane Bagshot. Please see the link below so you can send in your objections or support for this new build^SYSTEMKEY^=%2734424%27&backurl=custom/planning?^SYSTEMKEY^=%2734424%27&backurl=custom/planning?


  1. Jayne Henson says:

    its the beginning of the end of bagshot being the village we grew up in and love, please dont build on this site

  2. Kerrie dabbs says:

    So sad once a lovely village , now one big development site someone please have some sense and say no

  3. Smart david says:

    We had the same objections with the yaverland estate in tho 70’s but it was already. Decided by the council to go ahead.

  4. Andrew willgoss says:

    The village plan. Residents objected to building on Chappel lane land and no to new development .It has been suggested this area should be incorporated with the nearby playing fields.I believe this is area is important for wildlife there must be snakes,and lizards in this area of meadow . Forty houses is a large development . The small amount of sang will be insufficient to maintain any wildlife.
    There will be significant disruption in the construction phase to drive away any resident wildlife.Where will the 80 OR more cars go when built ,the roads in Bagshot cannot cope already.The parish and borough council must reject this destructive developement.

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