Overnight Cafe for the homeless in Camberley



We need to spread the word about the new all night homeless cafe.

It is on the A30 in Camberley in the Scout Hut opposite the Arena Leisure Centre. It is open every night from 10pm through to 7.30am and offers a warm safe place for those who need to get out of the cold and get a nice hot meal and some company.
Please pass this info on to anyone who may need it or contact Josie Rawlings if you know where someone is who may need help.

Thank you all

We are looking to put together care packages we can hand out to local homeless people to help them through the freezing winter weather.
The items we need are as follows:
Sleeping bags
Sleeping mats
Thermos flasks with cup/ bowl
Cereal bars
Other easy to carry snack items
Tin soups
Tin meals ie breakfast in tin etc
Warm hats
Waterproof clothing
Warm sturdy shoes/boots
Reusable hand warmers
Warm clothing in general

You can get a lot of these items cheap on Amazon or try local charity shops. Please contact Josie Rawlings if you have something to donate and we can arrange collection or it can be dropped off with Andrea Rimmer at the Old Dean Bowling Club, GU15 4BD between 9 and 5 day times or to the Scout Hut on the A30 Camberley from 10pm. Thank you .

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