Bagshot Concert Band – would you like to join?

Our concert band Quite a few of you will have heard the Bagshot Concert Band playing at our recent Village Day. But how many know that the band has been in continuous existence (though under various names and with breaks during the two World Wars) since 1898, when it was founded by Messrs Chapman and Hickox? Though it’s unlikely that even the oldest residents can remember either of these gentlemen, they may feature in family histories – perhaps alongside the Duke of Connaught!, who was the band patron for about the first fifty years of its life. A concert band, sometimes called a military band, has woodwind as well as brass instruments together with percussion. You call a concert band a brass band at your peril! The band now has some thirty members and performs each summer at various venues – school sports days, park bandstands, flower shows and so on. And there is always a Christmas concert at All Saints church hall, Lightwater.

bandPlayers range in age from the teens to (almost) eighty, though as far as is known none lives in Bagshot! New players are always welcome. There are no auditions and potential members are welcome to come along to a practice in the Methodist church hall (beside Kwikfit) on a Friday evening at 8pm (but best to first contact Nigel, band chairman, on 01276 475207 as the band occasionally has engagements on Fridays). Also, look up Bagshot Concert band on the internet and you’ll find more details and see and hear the band in action – as you’ll be able to do at next year’s Village Day.

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