Introducing Local Bagshot Artist – Richard Hallam

Richard Hallam

Richard Hallam

What is remarkable about Richard is that he has Asperger syndrome, which is a form of autism. Richard uses a combination of photography and software to create his unique pictures.  Like this one of a local Bagshot scene.

The Gate By Richard Hallam

The Rails by Richard Hallam

Here is Richard’s message

“I’ve got a condition called, Aspergers Syndrome. Creating digital paintings, helps me emotionally.Taking photographs is another interest. The photographs are brought into the Ipad, for use as a template, for my paintings.

 Being able to utilise an Ipad, is very empowering.

‘Asperger’s can make communication complicated but not when I paint – it’s less challenging. My hope is that one day my work will sell and raise awareness’.

I hope you enjoy viewing all of my work, as it means a lot”.

More of Richard’s work can be seen and purchased at:

To send a message to Richard – please use this email

We also hope that some of Richard’s work will be available to view in the village – watch this space!!

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