Bagshot Village with the Lisa May Foundation for Nepal Earthquake Appeal

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Dear all,

Remember when we did the collection for the flood victims down the road?- well now we need to go a little further afield with our generosity. No doubt you will have all seen the reports coming from Nepal and as we have many members of the Nepalese community living in this area we wish to give their family and friends back in Nepal some Bagshot/ Surrey Heath support.

Please see below a message from Cheryl from The Lisa May Foundation, who incidentally are now based back in Bagshot. I am working with Cheryl to collect donations – not just money, which would be very welcome, but also items, which are going to be sent to Nepal in the next few days with a group of Nepalese doctors – most likely on THURSDAY. Please see the complete message below for more details – but in a nutshell ……..

Ollie at The Cedar Tree has very kindly offered to be the collection point for the following items, which can be left between 12 noon and 11pm. These are the only essential items we are collecting at the moment – some others bits and pieces may join the list for the next shipment.

Hi       High energy bars/Breakfast bars

  1. Antibacterial Wipes
  2. Dried Fruit
  3. Instant Porridge
  4. Glo Sticks / Candles
  5. Blankets / Sleeping Bags
  6. Antibacterial wipes
  7. Dry milk powder

wind-up torches and lanterns (NO BATTERIES)

Now read the message below from Cheryl, watch the short video appeal they have made and if at all possible …. please help. There is a link there to make a donation through virgingiving or you can put money into the special purple Lisa May collecting cans, which will be appearing in local businesses very soon.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal – Via the Lisa May Foundation

Thousands of people in Nepal have been tragically affected by a devastating earthquake that struck the country on the 25th of April. Over 3,600 have sadly died, more than 6,500 are injured and thousands more are still missing.

In response to our appeal for the victims of this terrible disaster we have set up an emergency relief fund and made an appeal video

There are so many ways that you can help to make a difference now with emergency care, and later on when everybody is desperately trying hard to re-build their lives.

Anything, no matter how small will go a long way.

You can either visit our Virgin Money Giving page to make a donation now.

Alternatively if you are able to donate any of the following items there is a collection point available at:

The Cedar Tree Pub

1 The High Street Bagshot

From Monday 27th April till Thursday 30th April when supplies will fly out.

Take donations to bar staff anytime from 12pm-11pm

Other locations coming soon…

These essential items will be taken out by a group of Nepalese doctors who are travelling out to Nepal to provide immediate help in the next few days.

  1. High energy bars/Breakfast bars
  2. Antibacterial Wipes
  3. Dried Fruit
  4. Instant Porridge
  5. Glo Sticks / Candles
  6. Blankets / Sleeping Bags
  7. Antibacterial wipes
  8. Dry milk powder
  9. Wind up torches and lanterns – no batteries

Thank you in advance for your kind support.

For any further information please contact:

Tel: 01276 472000

Many many thanks in anticipation

Kind regards

Tina Carney

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