On the Eve of Halloween …. it begins ……..

…… and so it begins …… Halloween Eve ….. when Bagshot starts to develop an orange glow – dark shadows and spooky goings on!

Tomorrow from 4.30 – 5.30pm the businesses in the village centre will open their doors to bats and cats, ghouls and ghosts, vampires and Draculas, witches and wizards, pumpkins, mummies and skeletons ….. and will be asked those immoral words ‘Trick or Treat!!!

All adults must be accompanied by at least one child.

Are you brave enough to enter Bagshot?

Children don’t forget your ‘thank yous’ and make sure your adult does not eat too many sweeties!

And while you are wandering around …. see how many owls you can spot!!

Have fun and stay safe!! trick

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