Bagshot Events/The Cedar Tree Charity Quiz Night

The next Bagshot Events/Cedar Tree Charity Quiz Night will be on Tuesday 14th June 7.30 prompt start.
This month, we are raising funds for Charlie Grainger Fundraising. Charlie currently attends Bagshot Infant School, but requires extensive physiotherapy to keep him as mobile as possible. More details here; 
The cost for the quiz is £10 per person, which includes supper, prepared by the new chef, Philip, who is just about to open The Dining Room @ The Cedar Tree. (Menu is under negotiation). If you do not wish to eat, the cost is £3 per person. 
Teams of up to 4 welcome. (points may be adjusted if more). Singles and couples are welcome as we can make up teams on the night if necessary.
Prizes for winning team.
Please bring a raffle prize if possible.
It is a fun and light-hearted evening with a chance to meet new friends and raise funds for a very worthwhile local cause. 
To register in a team  – please send an email here, book in at The Cedar Tree or contact (Tina) on 07890 864 074 
All welcome . 


  1. Mandy Quinn says:

    Hi Tina

    We are a team of 6 who would like to enter if possible ? We will all eat and will bring along a
    Raffle prize.

    • tinacarney says:

      HI Mandy – yes of course you may enter the quiz – it will be great to see you. To make it fair, we adjust the points so that teams of 4 are not disadvantaged. ….ie they get a couple of points added overall. WE had teams of 4 because the tables aren’t huge but there are a couple of larger ones, so I can put that to your name. I am thinking that maybe in the future we say up to 6, last time we had 5 teams of 5 and one of 4 …. the latter team won by miles and we didn’t even need to add any points! The larger the team …. the more debate! lol Tina xx

  2. Karen Josse says:

    Hi. I’d like a table please. Two of us at the moment but hoping to make 4.

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